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A TRULY TURN-KEY SOLUTION... From start to finish, we will handle every aspect of the aircrafts care and sale. You can stop worrying about the aircraft. We will manage the care, storage, security, keys, logbooks, maintenance, crews, cleaning, inspections & delivery flights. IMMEDIATE COST SAVINGS… No more hangar fees, insurance, crew or training costs. You can save thousands each month in aircraft ownership costs while we sell the aircraft. In fact, we might even SAVE you more than the entire cost of our commission. INTERNATIONAL SELLERS WILL REALIZE A HIGHER PRICE... If you are selling a jet aircraft and you are off the beaten path geographically, you should expect that North American or European buyers will only travel to remote regions to purchase aircraft if they are getting a huge discount compared to aircraft which are closer. Frequently, these discounts may exceed $500,000 to over $1.0 million dollars compared to similar aircraft which are easier to buy. Even if you set a price your aircraft at the same price levels as similar aircraft, it will may not generate many prospects due to the distance for buyers to inspect. You are put at a major “geographic disadvantage” and the market for your aircraft is limited to your local market. Unfortunately, the only way to overcome this geographical disadvantage is to discount your price. For this reason, many aircraft dealers ultimately purchase inventory aircraft for resale from overseas sellers and import them to the US. OMNI can quickly level the playing field for you by offering clients free storage of their aircraft at our show-room facility conveniently located near the Baltimore/Washington, DC, Philadelphia and New York metropolitan areas. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR FBO FACILITY WASHINGTON DC LOCATION IN THE HEART OF THE WORLDS JET MARKET You may have heard the term: location, location, location OMNI’s FBO facility is conveniently located between Washington and New York and offers buyers a world-class setting in which to purchase your aircraft. There is no better way to quickly make your aircraft more geographically desirable to potential buyers in the heart of the world’s jet market. SHOWROOM CARE AT ALL TIMES While the aircraft is in our care, we will keep it washed, waxed and vacuumed so that it remains in superb “show-room ready” condition at all times until it is sold. We also professionally detail the aircraft in every reasonable way including polishing of the leading edges and engine inlets as well as cleaning of the landing gear so that we can present the aircraft in its best possible condition. REGULAR EXERCISE As you likely know, it is not a good idea to let an aircraft sit too long. At your option, we will “exercise” the aircraft by starting it once a month and taxiing it without actual flying. While there is no flight, any and all operations would be performed by current type- rated pilots. This is often required for aircraft enrolled on MSP or other engine program. FAA CERTIFIED JET “REPAIR STATION” ON SITE Should your aircraft require minor maintenance while in our care, we have an FAA certified “Repair Station” located at our facility capable of keeping your aircraft in top airworthy condition. If you are not operating the aircraft any longer, this is the best way to re-sell it for the highest price quickly. Omni has sold many aircraft up to Challenger 604 size aircraft via this method. With this process, we take care of everything. Your time and effort plus ongoing maintenance and expenses will quickly be diminished.
Wayne J Hilmer Jr President | CEO
I have owned and operated jets for many years. I will take good care of the aircraft and it’s logbooks while it is in my custody as if it were my own.
The turn-key sales solution