AIRFRAME	 Total Time: 13,930 Total Landings: 10,610  EU-OPS Certified   ENGINES   	 Honeywell TFE731-2C-2B Total Hours Since New: 17,002 / 12,059 Hrs Until CZI: 1018 / 554 Hrs Until MPI: 1111 / 595  INTERIOR	 Tan Leather Interior  Belted Lav   EXTERIOR Painted 10/30/2019 by MCM Malta White w/Blue Accents   MAINTENANCE Fresh B-check and C-check 12-year inspection due: Feb 2031  12000-hr inspection due @ 3680 hrs  A-check due: Sept 2024 or in 290 hrs   D-check due: Mar 2030 or in 1400 hrs  3000-landing due in 1460 landings  6000-landing due in 1890 landings  RNAV 5 AVIONICS  EPS Emergency Power Supply No1: PS-835D/ L3 Communications EPS Emergency Power Supply No2: PS-823-B/ JET EPS Emergency Power Supply No3: PS-835D/ BFGOODRICH Aerospace Stall Warning Computer: 54301/ Gulton/Ametek (formerly Conrac) Directional Gyro No1: DN-104B/ JET Directional Gyro No2: DN-104B/ JET Control, Air Data: 590A-3J1/ Collins Aerospace TCAS Processor TPU 67B: TPU 67B/ Bendix King Transponder MST67A No1: Honeywell/ Bendix King Transponder MST67A No2: Honeywell/ Bendix King Tone Generator Box:  Pressure Switch (Aneroid): Precision Sensors  CVR: Collins 642C-1 Generator Control Panel: Type RSX1678-J/ Learjet TCAS/VSI Copilot: IVA-81D/ Honeywell TCAS Control Head KFS: Honeywell PS-578A Standby Altimeter: Avionix Corp VHF Control 1 (8.33 KHz Chan.Spac & FM Imm): Collins VHF 22C VHF Control No2 (8.33 KHz Chan.Spac & FM Imm): Collins VHF 22C Control & Warning Box Garmin GPS 165 Air Data Display Unit ( Altimeter) CVR Control Panel: 914F-1 Control Warning Indicator: Collins/ 914G-1 HF Audio Adaptor: Learjet Attitude Indicator Gyroscope: AI-804 J/G Angle of Attack Indicator: 820-647/ HICKOK Flight Guidance Panel: FGP-81/ Collins Avionics Divisions/ Rockwell International Radio Altimeter Antenna: Dorne & Margolin Inc. 4'' FPCDU- (Control Display Unit): Unversal UNS-1 1L-NCU: Universal UNS-1 Relay Unit: AIS 80-1/ Sandia Aerospace RNAV 1 Equipped
All specifications subject to verification by the purchaser during an inspection. Aircraft is offered subject to prior sale or removal from the market without notice. No rights shall exist without a ratified purchase agreement and deposit.
OMNI INTERNATIONAL JET TRADING MAIN OFFICE: 410-820-7300 1982 LEARJET 35A Reg: 9H-MRQ SN: 429 OMNIJET Maximus Suarez OMNI International Jet Trading, Inc. Mobile: +1.845.544.9348 Email: CONTACT: OFFERED AT: $600,000 LOCATION: Greece •	TCAS 7.1 •	EU-OPS Certified  •	Complete Logbooks in English  AIRCRAFT SALES & ACQUISITIONS Washington DC                  Since 1963 OFFICE: 410-820-7300