2011 LEGACY 650 SN 1451120


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PAX = Typical Passenger Configuration

CABINV = Cabin Volume in Cubic Feet

CABINH = Cabin Height in Feet

BAGV = Baggage Volume (Interior/Exterior) in Cubic Feet

PAY - Payload with Full Fuel (lbs)

MTOW = Max Take Off Weight (lbs)

CRUISE = Normal Cruise Speed (kts)

RANGE = NBAA IFR Range with Seats Full (NM)

GPH = Gallons per hour


Legacy 600 13 1,650 6 285 1,507 49,600 450 3,080

Legacy 650 13 1,650 6 285 1,900 53,570 455 3,640

Phenom 100 5 208 4.9 11/60 580 10,470 390 926

Phenom 300 7 325 4.9 11/74 942 17,965 453 1,690


Information provided as a courtesy to clients of OMNI JET TRADING. It is based upon the best available information. However, many figures are based upon estimates or variable conditions and we do not warrant it for accuracy and it should not be used for flight planning purposes.

Use only an approved flight manual for the aircraft.





LEGACY 650 (2010 to 2015 - SN 14501115 to 14501209)

The Legacy 650 is a longer-range version of the Legacy 600 giving it a range capability of 3,900 nm (7,223 km) non-stop with four passengers, or 3,840 nm (7,112 km) with eight passengers, about 500 nm (926 km) farther than the Legacy 600. It was announced at the 2009 NBAA show, and certified by the FAA in February 2011. Production began in 2013 with a joint venture with Chinese company Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation.

Legacy 650 Factory Brochure


LEGACY 600 (2001 to 2013 - SN 145363 to SN 14501216)

The Embraer Legacy 600 is a business jet derivative of the Embraer ERJ 145 family of commercial jet aircraft. The Legacy 600 is based on the ERJ 135 model with the updated Mark I cockpit of the EMB-145. Certified in 1999, the highly-successful Legacy 600 continues to be manufactured today. Its cabin size surpasses all jets in its class, measuring 1,413 cubic feet. Six-foot tall ceilings allow plenty of room to stand up and maneuver about the cabin. Cabin length measures 42.4 ft, while width is 6.9 ft max. The 600 is normally configured for 13 passengers in four standard seating arrangements. Twenty-two large windows and full LED lighting makes the cabin feel exceptionally spacious. A roomy, private lavatory is aft, while a second is optional (forward-positioned). The galley is in a class of its own, including a cutting board, three electrical outlets, a microwave or convection oven, and a long list of optional appliances: refrigerator, wine chiller, larger or second over, or oven/microwave combo. Additionally, the 600 offers 240 cubic feet of flight-accessible storage. Compared to the EMB 145, it features added range via extra fuel tanks in the tail behind the baggage compartment and forward of the wing, winglets, and an extensive drag reduction program. It is certified to 41,000-foot (12,000 m) altitude versus 37,000 feet (11,000 m) for the airline configuration. Launched in 2000 at the Farnborough Airshow, the Legacy carries 13 passengers for 3,050 nautical miles (5,650 km) or 8 passengers for 3,450 nautical miles (6,390 km). In the cockpit, the Legacy also includes a Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics suite, with a full glass cockpit. The Legacy 600 competes on the upper end of the small to mid-sized range of business jets and is considered a "Super Midsize" aircraft. It has nearly the opposite design progression as the rival Canadair Challenger. The Legacy 600 was derived from the established ERJ family of regional jets, while the Canadair Regional Jet was developed by Bombardier from the Challenger business jet. Both lines of aircraft are competitors.

Legacy 600 Factory Brochure


PHENOM 300 ( 2008 to 2015 - SN 50500001 to SN 50500290)

The Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 is a light jet aircraft developed by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer. It can carry 8 or 9 occupants with a flying range of 1,971 nmi (3,650 km). At 45,000 feet (14,000 m), the Phenom 300 is pressurized to a cabin altitude of 6,600 feet (2,000 m). The jet features single-point refueling and an externally serviced private rear lavatory, refreshment center and baggage area. It received FAA Type Certification on 14 December 2009 as the Embraer EMB-505. The cabin of the Phenom 300 is 4 feet, 11 inches tall and about 5 feet, 1 inch wide. The cabin will include a lavatory, two-zone climate control, LED lighting, and a total of 76 cubic feet of baggage space split between three interior storage compartments. Embraer selected Pratt & Whitney Canada痴 PW535E turbofan engines to power the Phenom 300. Each engine produces 3,200 pounds of thrust on takeoff and will be controlled by FADEC. The Pratt & Whitney engines provide enough power for the Phenom 300 to take off in 3,700 feet at sea level on a standard day. One portion of the Phenom 300 that is sure to impress is its cockpit. The all-glass Prodigy flight deck offers three 12-inch LCDs to display all primary navigation, systems, and engine information. The Phenom 300痴 spoiler system will be controlled by fly-by-wire technology.

Phenom 300 Factory Brochure


PHENOM 100 ( 2008 to 2015 - SN 50000001 to SN 50000356)

Made by one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, Brazil-based Embraer, the Phenom 100 is a very light twin engine jet. Able to accommodate four passengers and a single pilot, this small private jet is ideal for individuals or small companies. The Phenom 100 has a comfortable range of 1,160 nautical miles and can climb to 37,000 feet in just 23 minutes. Two Pratt and Whitney PW617F-E engines power the Phenom 100, providing a thrust for takeoff of 1,695 pounds each. These engines employ a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Electrical Control) system, making them extremely efficient and simple in flight. The engine inspection interval is 3,500 hours. Based on Garmin痴 G1000, the Phenom 100痴 Embraer Prodigy all-glass avionics suite features three displays: two primary flight displays (PFD) and one multi-function display (MFD). All information is integrated onto high-definition/color resolution screens. The system is built with the pilot in mind, placing all aircraft monitoring, situational awareness and flight-planning tools at their fingertips. The GFC 700, an innovative Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS), is the Phenom痴 fully digital, dual channel, three-axis autopilot system. It may be classified as a very light private jet, but the Phenom 100 is competitive with larger private jets in performance and space. Its high speed cruise of 380 knots true airspeed trumps all close competitors.

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2002 LEGACY 600 SN 145637



2007 LEGACY 600 SN 1451002


2009 PHENOM 100 SN 123

$2,000,000 USD

2010 LEGACY 600 SN 14501113

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