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Global 6000 (2012 to 2013 - SN 9429 to SN 9540)
The Global 6000 is a Global Express XRS. In 2012 Bombardier rebranded the Global Express XRS the Global 6000 to better fit into its model lineup.
Global 6000 Factory Brochure

GLOBAL EXPRESS XRS ( 2004 to 2012 - SN 9159 to SN 9428)
The Global XRS is an improved version of the original Global Express offering higher cruise speed, increased range, improved cabin layout and lighting. The range increase is achieved by addition of a 1,486 lb (674 kg) fuel tank at the wing root. .The Global XRS was introduced in 2004.
Global Express XRS Brochure

GLOBAL 5000 (2004 to 2015 - SN 9130 to SN 9998)

The Global 5000 is a slightly smaller version of the Global Express. It has a range of 4,800 NM. Although the fuselage is five feet shorter than the Global Express, its available passenger seating area (separate from the galley and lavatory) is the same. Two Rolls Royce  BR710A2 engines of 14,750 lbs thrust, power the aircraft. Other than the maximum range, performance is similar to the Global Express. The Global 5000 is slotted in between the Challenger 604 and Global Express in size and price. First flight took place in 2003 with deliveries commencing in 2004. Global 5000 changes compared to the Global Express are: 1) Fuselage shortened by 0.813 m (32 in); 2) Removal of the fuel tank in the tail and limiting fuel in the wings; 3) Reduction in MTOW by 5,500 lb (2,500 kg); 4) Reduction in maximum range by 1,200 nmi; 5) Rearrangement of some avionics to gain usable cabin length; 6) Allowance for interior completions (3,200 kg).

Global 5000 Brochure

GLOBAL EXPRESS (1997 to 2004 - SN 9001 to SN 9169)
The Global Express is Bombardier's entry into the ultra long-range jet category. Its cabin is twenty feet longer than its Challenger stable-mate, providing a separate crew rest area and a roomier lavatory. Typical seating is for fourteen and with all seats filled it has a
maximum range of 6,250 nm with NBAA IFR reserves.
Global Express Brochure    Global Express BCA InFlight Report    Global Express BCA Operator Survey

CHALLENGER 800 / 850 (1996 to 2012 - SN 7136 to SN 8108)
The Challenger 800 is  the largest super-mid size business aircraft offered by Bombardier Aerospace and based on the Regional Jetliner CRJ 200, which in turn was developed from the Canadair Challenger 600 model. The aircraft is powered by two GE CF34-3B1 engines. In commercial service, the CRJ have accumulated over 6 million flight hours. The CL850 is the newest version and represents lessons learned from both the early CRJ aircraft and the business Challenger 600/601/604 series. The aircraft, in business service, allow for customized interiors. The cabin width exceeds eight feet and it has a flat floor with true stand up room. Seating can range from 18 in executive configuration, to 30 in first class shuttle configuration. Range varies with payload and is between 2,600 NM to nearly 3,200 NM with reserves. The main difference between the CL850LR, the CL850 and the CL850CS is the amount of fuel installed in the aircraft.
Challenger 800 Brochure     Challenger 850 Brochure

CHALLENGER 605 (2006 to 2013 - SN 5701 to SN  5925)
The Challenger 605 was introduced in 2005 at the NBAA Convention in Orlando, FL. It is similar to the CL604 but will feature the Rockwell Collins Pro-Line 21 avionics suite and a redesigned cabin. The Challenger 605 made its first flight on January 22, 2006. Certification is planned for late 2006.
Challenger 605 Brochure

CHALLENGER 604 (1995 to 2007 - SN 5301 to SN 5665)
The Challenger 604 is the best selling model of the Challenger series of aircraft, to date. It is powered by GE CF34-3B engines, with three percent lower fuel consumption, than 601- 3A engines, installed on the previous CL601-3A. The 604 have a maximum range of 4,000 nautical miles. The 604 features the Collins Pro Line 4 avionics system. It has an optional cabin arrangement that provides 19 extra inches of cabin length and two more cabin windows while reducing baggage space by seven cubic feet.
The 604 made its first flight on September 18, 1994.
Challenger 604 Brochure    Challenger 604 BCA Article

CHALLENGER 300 (2003 to 2013 - SN 20003 to SN 20395)
The Challenger 300, formerly known as the Continental, is Bombardier's entry into the super mid-sized battle for supremacy. It is a transcontinental range eight-seat corporate jet, which will sit in the company's model line-up between the Learjet 60 and Challenger
600 series. The Challenger 300's 860 cubic feet of cabin volume provides true double-club seating for eight passengers. It has Honeywell HTF 7000 engines are expected to give the Continental 20% more range than the leading mid-size business jet and a Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite. The aircraft was certificated in 2003 and is in production.
Challenger 300 Specifications      Challenger 300 Brochure

CHALLENGER 601-3R  (1993 to 1997 - SN 5135 to SN 5194)
The Challenger 601-3R was introduced in 1993. It is equipped with GE CF34-3A1 engines requiring no mandatory time between overhaul. They were "on condition." They were designed to airline standards for reliability and maintainability.

CHALLENGER 601-3A (1987 to 1993 - SN  5001 to SN 5134)
The 601-3A is an upgraded version of the Challenger 601-1A. It is equipped with upgraded GE CF34-3A engines. The first 601-3A flew on September 28, 1986. The 601-3A/ER is an upgraded version of the Challenger 601-1A. It is equipped with upgraded GE CF34-3A engines. In 1989, the Challenger's range was further increased by the addition of a tail cone fuel tank holding 180 gallons. The ER designation denotes additional fuel capacity.

CHALLENGER 601-1A  ( 1983 to 1987 - SN 3001 to 3066)
The 601-1A received its Supplemental Type Certificate (STC for the 1A) in 1983. It was in production from 1983 to 1987 and 66 were produced. It is essentially a model 600 with General Electric CF-34-1A engines. When the engines go through hot-section or overhaul they may be upgraded to the 601-3A performance. More than half the fleet has taken advantage of this option. The range of the 601-1A with seats full is 3,180 nm with NBAA IFR reserves.

CHALLENGER 600 ( 1981 to 1983 - SN 1005 to 1085)
The Challenger 600 is the original model of the Challenger line of aircraft. It is equipped with Rolls-Royce ALF-502's. It has a roomy 1,035 foot cabin with ample space for nine passengers. At serial number 1024 and higher, the original clam shell style door was changed to the air stair door.
Challenger 600 BCA Aircraft Review